The Adventurers

The Kings

Hiya! My name is Dani (aka Danger) King and my husband is Fergus King. We (mainly I) wanted to start a blog to track our cycling, kayaking and other adventures, in the vain hope we might be able to offer some sort of benefit to others along the way, as well as keeping an online type diary. We live outside Edinburgh with our cat (furry son) Jagger and chickens and our weekends are normally spent exploring Scotland in all its glory.


Fergus has been cycling since he could walk (no joke) and has gone from teenage downhill champ to BMX bandit, taking a few years out of cycling to rediscover his love in the form of Mountain biking. He has a Genesis Fixie too, which is totally rad!

I didn’t even know what a bike really was until I met Fergus. I did have the most beautiful green and yellow BMX, which I got for my 8th birthday and owned for a whole day before some awful person stole it from the front garden! I found Roller Derby in my early 20’s, which did wonders for my self esteem, confidence and fitness. I got another bike for my birthday, this time it was my 29th and the bike an Orange Patriot. After a year I got a Merida Mountain bike too and a few months later a Merida Cyclo Cross.  My most recent addition is a bad ass BMX which I am in love with!

Cycling has changed our lives.


We were kindly gifted a Canadian Canoe as a wedding present back in August 2012 and started using it on River Trips around Scotland. It soon became apparent, however, that a happy marriage could be in crisis. Synchronised paddling definitely has its challenges! We decided solo kayaks might be a better option for us, allowing us both to develop our paddling and water skills at our own pace.


We both use Pyranha Fusion Kayaks (a white water and touring hybrid), Palm paddles or Fergus’s handmade Greenland paddles and Gul or Moby wetsuits.

Dani ‘Danger’ King



Fergus King



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